Silmänkääntötemppuja vailla vertaa

“ The Outsider is a theatre production
that really stands out! ”
- Audience feedback -

“ Janne is a multitalented virtuoso. ”
- Keskisuomalainen newspaper -

Janne Raudaskoski is one of Finland's most radiant professional magicians. In addition to traditional magic, he is known for his magic theatre productions that have charmed audiences both home and abroad. Raudaskoski has worked as a professional artist since 1997. He combines theatre, magic, clownery and modern technology in his art. He is one of our most popular magicians and a wanted performer for theatres, cultural centres and festivals.

Janne Raudaskoski has created two magic theatre performances: The Outsider for adults and teenagers and Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow for family audiences.

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Taikuri Janne sai arkihuolet katoamaan

“ It is absolutely mind-blowing what Janne can create on stage and guaranteed to amaze even the sternest of cynic, a real joy to watch. ”
- Your Local Guardian, London -

“ I cannot remember when was the last time
I laughed out loud in a theatre, gasped with amazement and shouted 'Bravo!' in the end. ”
- Audience feedback -

The Outsider is a fantasy for adults where theatre and film come together by means of magic, technology and clownery. It employs comedy, tragedy and absurd situations to make the audience reflect on the modern human being's way of living and alienation from life.

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Vetäisittekö minuakin höplästä

“ Watthead charms children and adults. ”
- Helsingin Sanomat newspaper -

“ I am truly sorry for everyone who didn't see the
performance and so happy for those that saw
something that is nothing like traditional theatre. ”
- -

A magic theatre show for the entire family that has charmed audiences and critics both home and abroad, Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow is magician Janne Raudaskoski's
experiential magic theatre performance for the entire family.

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